Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Unexpected Holiday

Monday was MLK Day and we were off work as well as no classes. A nice breather but not really necessary since we just went back to work on the 3rd. Then the bad weather blew in and we got an extra two days off and tomorrow is a short day, school starts at 10:00. I'll go in close to regular time though, I still have lots of time to make up (I think).

It was a lazy 2 days. Rachael and I just tried to keep warm and not go stir crazy. Well, Rachael anyway. I'm not ever bored. I was ready to go back to work though, I hate having to make up days. We lose the day off in February right after TAKS and we really need that day off. We also have school the day of graduation which means that we'll have a Saturday workday to make up our 2nd day. I guess I shouldn't complain...

I had homework to do and as usual, procrastinated until today. It was due at midnight and I sent it at 9:00. Normally I'd have done it on the weekend because I have class every night but I had Monday off so I put it off till then. Then we had Tuesday off so I put it off till then. Then we had Wednesday off so I put it off till then. I *hate* that I procrastinate so much but have seemed to not been able to change it. I'm setting a bad example for Rachael which is really not good. Just because I can do assignments well enough at the last minute doesn't mean that she can and she doesn't need to see me doing that so I better change it pronto!

I did get quite a bit accomplished today. I got my loan check and took care of several things with it. Paid Rachael's tuition, bought my books online, registered for my Special Education test, paid the phone bill, paid for the remainder of Rachael's graduation announcements, got information for David about registering his car, took a picture of me for my assignment and it's not too bad a picture (I hate having my picture taken), got my homework done and submitted, fixed my lunch and supper (just have to put it in the lunch kits in the morning), and I guess that's about it. It sure seemed like a lot while I was doing it. Yesterday I set up our online banking, we'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind...

I guess I'll post the picture. I cropped it for my assignment, this is the original.

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Anonymous said...

I've always thought you took better pics than you gave your self credit for. I'm on the same page as you are about procrastination - believe me Rachael comes by it honestly.
At least you were warm and had water - but i did survive. it kinda reminded me of the "good 'ol days", make sure you see the sacarism there.