Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting to Know Me - Christmas Version

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
Hot Chocolate

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
He always just sat them under the tree.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?

4. Do you hang mistletoe?
5. When do you put your decorations up?
Sometime in December. They're still not up yet this year.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
My dressing with cranberry sauce.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child:
The year Santa came and delivered our gifts in person.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I don't remember but since I was the oldest, I knew long before my brothers.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
When the kids were all at home we did.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
It's always been ornaments the kids made as well as a few I stitched and things I've been given or from exchanges. The kids always put their own ornaments on the tree each year. It just wasn't the same as they all began leaving home. This year I bought red, silver and blue balls for a patriotic tree but I'm really sad that we're leaving the other ornaments behind us. I'll keep the ornaments though because I love them and they hold so many memories for me.

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it?
Love it! If I lived where it snowed, I'd probably hate it after awhile though.

12. Can you ice skate?
Never have.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?
I loved the orange suitcases I got one year. My favorite though is the year I got my ring. I'm really sad that I've gained so much weight that I can't wear it.

14. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?
That's difficult. Probably Praline Cheesecake.

15. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Watching "It's a Wonderful Life".

16. What tops your tree?
Nothing right now. :) It's been an angel for awhile but I'm going to get a star this year.

17. Which do you prefer, giving or Receiving?
Giving. I really wish I was better at knowing what people want or like so my giving was more appropriate. Somehow, I seem to be missing that attribute.

18. What is your favorite Christmas Song?
Amy Grant's version of "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing".

19. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?
They're OK.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Couple of Funnies

Becky and Chris:

I had called Chris several times and was apologizing for calling so often. He said he was enjoying it because Johnny Cash was his ringtone. I asked which song and he said Ring of Fire. I laughed because Ring of Fire is my all time favorite song. I *love* it. The rest of the evening I would just look at Steven and burst out laughing. I guess this was just a location thing because it's really not funhy once I type it out. Part of the funniness is that Chris (to my knowledge) doesn't like country music, his tastes are much more, shall we say, loud.

Bailey and Jennifer:

Bailey asked Jenny if she had a baby brother or sister growing in her tummy because he wanted a baby brother and he would call him Buddy. That boy is the smartest thing around IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion). :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Dog Adventures

I went to bed at 9:00 last night after reminding Rachael to let the dogs out before she went to bed. All is well, right? Not exactly.

It took me about an hour to fall asleep (I don't sleep well when Steven is gone). Sometime later I heard dogs barking. With earplugs in, it didn't sound like Paco and Mollie but it still woke me up. They continued to bark so I decided to get up and see if it was our darling dogs. Of course it was and it was midnight!. I let them in and told Rachael that it was not real cool to leave the dogs outside barking. She said she didn't hear them so now we have to have a discussion about not leaving them outside at midnight.

I took me awhile to fall back asleep but I finally did, only to wake up later in a fetal position because I was cold. I turned the electric blanket up and had difficulty falling asleep again. I purposely didn't look at the clock that time so I have no idea what time it was.

It's been a loooonnnnnggg week already.

I've got to go do the dishes and cook something. Steven has me really spoiled and I'm not liking this domestic stuff too much. Don't know what we're going to do in the spring when I have class 4 nights a week but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lesson Learned

This morning was the first morning with Steven gone. It stinks already.

The dogs are used to Steven getting up at 4 and letting them out. I got up at 5 to go to the bathroom and Mollie was dancing a jig. I didn't let her out because I wanted to go back to sleep for another hour and didn't want to wait for her. BIG mistake.

When I got back up at 6, I rounded the corner into the hallway and smelled pee. Mollie had peed right in front of the guest room. I grumbled a bit and cleaned it up (something Steven would have done if he was here). I showered and surfed a bit. I wnet through the dining room without turning on the light and stepped in some poop. All I have to say is that I'm really, really glad we spend the extra money for decent dog food so that poop isn't really soft and in large piles.

I don't know if she was just mad at me or if she really had to go that bad but I sure learned my lesson. If Mollie is dancing, I'd better let her out!

I have to remember tonight to tell Rachael to be sure and let the dogs out before she goes to bed and hopefully that will take care of that problem.

NOT a good way to start our new living arrangements. Have I ever mentioned that I didn't get married to sleep alone and take care of everything by myself? I know I'll get used to it and it's not even remotely the same situation it was 10 years ago but I'm really not liking it right about now...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

1/3 of the Way

to being a certified teacher! Other than graduating, that is but since that's not a problem, I consider myself 1/3 of the way there.

Last Wednesday, I took the qualifying exam for my Special Education exit level test. I only missed 11 questions. I'm really happy about that because I left the test feeling pretty ambivelant about how I did. When I took the EC-4 test, I thought I did OK even though it was much more difficult than I was expecting. I was more prepared for the difficulty level this time so it seemed not quite as hard.

December 9, I take the actual EC-4 test and the real SPD test on February 24 (I think) After I pass those, I'll be 2/3 of the way finished. Can you believe it? I can but then again, I can't...

I wish I had gone on to college when I was younger but I have a feeling I wouldn't have taken it as seriously. Not to mention the fact that my life would have been totally different and even with all the stupid things I did, I wouldn't trade where I am for anything. I can't imagine my life without the wonderful husband I have, even with his faults :) and without the kids, in-laws and Pooter. :)

I am blessed...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Job!

Steven has had several good interviews this week. He interviewed with 3 firms in Houston and one in Austin. One of the firms in Houston also has an office in Austin. After much discussion, we decided that a job in Austin would be better. It's further mileage wise but driving time wouldn't be any different and he wouldn't have to deal with Houston traffic. The thought of him driving in Houston traffic every day on the bike was really stressing me out. We would also rather move that direction if we have to eventually move.

Tonight, the firm in Houston that also has an office in Austin (and several other citites) called with a job offer. It's more money and they offered a pretty decent signing bonus (he's never been offered one of those). The other firm in Austin is supposed to get with him tomorrow with an offer so we'll see who comes up with the best deal. :)

He had applied at TDC and had talked to someone there several times but no interview was ever set up. He would be working in Huntsville which would be ideal.

He had commitments to umpire the last softball games in Huntsville next week so he told the guy he couldn't start work until Thursday and that would also give TDC more time to call him for an interview even though we had pretty much given up on that.

When I was talking to him on the phone this afternoon, TDC called! He has an interview there on Monday morning. Hopefully, that will be the job he ends up with.

Even though both Austin firms are going to be flexible with his hours, being away from home so much of Rachael's senior year and my last semester of college is not going to be a good thing. We'll deal with it if that's what happens but TDC would be awesome! There will be no signing bonus there and no other bonuses but it's only 30 minutes from home and that's much more important since we really, really don't want to have to move.

He still hasn't accepted the job, he'll let the guy know after his interview with TDC but there has been a job offer. That makes me lots less stressed...

Fall Foliage

Monday morning on my way to class, the trees along I45 looked spectacular. There were red, yellow, and orange leaves instead of just dead, brown ones.

I don't know if I've just never paid attention to the leaves changing colors or if my perception of them just turning brown and falling off is correct but this week they were simply beautiful.

When I went to class Wednesday, they were still pretty but not spectacular like they were Monday. Maybe I just am not out and about for the short time they're changing every year and have just always missed it.

It really made me want to take a trip to see fall foliage somewhere that's spectacular...

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I'm feeling very melancholic today even though I have much to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. I *love* cooking the entire meal and having lots of people here to eat with us. I love eating leftovers and turkey sandwiches for days on end. I love the desserts. I love having my family here with no expectations except food and fellowship. I love how Stephanie always wants me to make dressing no matter where we eat.

I guess this year is difficult for a variety of reasons. Steven getting laid off, the last minute change of plans on where we're eating, none of the kids coming home, not being able to cook like I want to because of financial considerations, not much family here, Scott being in prison.

Prison is exactly where Scott needs to be but for some reason, this year, I'm really sad about that situation. I'm so angry with him for molesting Rachael, for being so stupid, for forcing us to press charges against him. He was here so many years for Thanksgiving and all those times he was tickling the girls, how could I know that there was something else going on? Why did I let Rachael spend the night? Why didn't I know there was a problem? Why didn't I realize something had happened? Why didn't Rachael say something? How horrible was it for her to have him here all the times he came before we found out? Questions I'll never have answers to and are heavy on my mind today.

I've gotten used to Chris not being here for any holidays. I don't like it but it's now the norm and I'm used to it. This is the first year that Steph hasn't been here and for some reason that's hitting me hard. David's in the service so I expect him to not be here, kind of an extension of Chris. Jenny has a whole other family now so I'm used to having to share her for the holidays but Steph is always here.

I'm really glad the kids have their own lives and other families and I try really hard to not ever make them feel guilty about holidays because I know they all have other committments and things to do and I usually deal with it OK but this year, for some reason, it's making me so sad that I can hardly stand it.

If you got through this rambling pity party, I appreciate you "listening".

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What else can go wrong?

I guess Ireally shouldn't ask that since the last time I asked it this morning, something majorily inconvenient did happen.

Some days things just don't go right. It all started last night when I called Rachael on the way home from class. She said she had to bake a cake for a silent auction today. It was 9:30 and she was at a friend's house studying. I was frustrated but we got the cake baked after a couple of minor mishaps.

It continued when Steven came home and said he was taking the truck today because the rear brakes are out on his bike. That's a major problem since there's no money to fix them and that puts us in an awful transportation mess.

Then, I couldn't sleep for thinking about all the things that will need to be cancelled on the first if Steven doesn't have a job. Things like cable and internet and land line. Then I remembered that he's just sent out lots of resumes with the e-mail address so we really don't need to cancel the internet. So, I didn't get much sleep.

This morning Steven called to say he'd left his briefcase. He was almost to Huntsville and we decided he wasn't going to come home to get it even though that was his first thought. He should have come back home because my jacket and work ID were in the truck because I was exhausted when I got home at 10:15 and just left them in the truck. I always put my ID in my purse, have no clue why I didn't yesterday. Oh yes, I do. I had the two pop-up tents for Bridgewood Farms lengthwise, on the console and couldn't put my purse in the front seat so it was in the back when I took my ID off.

The ID was not too big a deal except that I've had to start locking my desk because the custodians' sons are stealing my candy (I suspect it's them) and the key to my desk is on my ID. Not a problem except that I'm totally stressed and need my chocolate.

I had to let some of the other students present the tents to the clients at Bridgewood Farms and that was frustrating. It was my idea to donate them, I handled getting the donations, I drove to Conroe to pick them up and didn't get to present them. We wanted to present them at their Thanksgiving meal and that was today. If I had taken off today, I'd have gotten docked because it's the day before a holiday. I really couldn't afford that so that was another frustration to deal with. Steven said I probably really preferred it this way because I don't like to be in the limelight and he's probably right but it was still frustrating.

The pants I wanted to wear today because they have a pocket had something on them so I couldn't wear them. I needed the pocket today because I needed my phone available for the guy from the testing center to call me. Of course, I left my room and he called while I was gone and I didn't have my phone with me. Not a big deal, just another annoyance.

I had told Steven I needed his check card (I still don't have one but am going to *have* to get one) because the guy from the testing center was going to call and fix my profile and register me for the test without a late fee so I had to have the card. You guessed it, we forgot to do that this morning.

I left the checkbook at home. I wanted to put money on Rachael's lunch account so I didn't forget after the Thanksgiving holiday and I had to pay for the Boy Scout popcorn I'd ordered before the holidays. Rachael did bring that to me.

As you can see, nothing major (except the brakes), just one annoyance after another, all piling up on my totally stressed out self. I e-mailed Steven and asked what else could go wrong and almost immediately afterwards, Elizabeth came to tell me Rachael was on the phone. She'd locked her key in the truck and her school clothes were in the truck. All she had were her workout clothes. She wanted me to go home and get her some clothes. No problem except that I don't have a vehicle and we'd given the extra key to mother so she couldn't just run home and get a spare key. I knew we needed to have another one made but just hadn't done it.

So, Rachael, Jesse and Corley walked home (I assume) and when I finished work at 5:20, I walked home too. It didn't hurt any of us, it was just frustrating.

I'm truly glad this day has almost come to an end.

I did get registered for my exam and the really nice guy fixed my profile so I'm happy about that. Unfortunately, that didn't do a lot to relieve my stress.

Tomorrow will be better. Rachael and I are going to spend the day volunteering at Bridgewood Farms, a facility for adults with mental retardation. I love spending time with the clients at Bridgewood so tomorrow is another day.

Monday, November 20, 2006


For as long as I can remember. I've had very bizarre dreams, sometimes very vivid ones. The one this morning is the most bizarre and vivid yet.

Steven gets up at 4:00 most mornings. He wakes me up at 6:00 by crawling back in bed with me. Yes, I have an alarm and yes, it works but somehow we got into this habit and it really is a much nicer way to start the day.

So this morning, I heard Steven's alarm (that doesn't happen often) and went right back to sleep. Sometime later he crawled back in bed and snuggled his cold body next to me. He didn't say anything and got back up after just a few minutes. Since he got back up, I assumed it wasn't time to get up and went back to sleep.

Well, it wasn't Steven that crawled back in bed with me for a few minutes. At least he has me convinced that he didn't so that means that I had to have dreamt it. Really, really bizarre, I know I felt cold legs against me.

So, I'm starting this week feeling really strange...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

MmmmMmmm Good

I was at WM getting the remainder of my Thanksgiving meal supplies when I ran across the new Hershey's Kisses Candy Cane flavor.

They're a white chocolate (I didn't know that when I bought them or I might have passed them by), which I don't normally like, but boy are these delicious! They have bits of candy cane in them which makes them even better.

I've been looking for the Tobler peppermint chocolate balls but haven't seen them in a couple of years. That's really too bad since that's my favorite flavor. I've tried the orange, raspberry, key lime, pina colada but the peppermint is my favorite. It never fails. If I like something, either it gets discontinued or it's hard to find.

Now that there's a World Market in College Station, I have fairly easy access to my very favorite chocolate, half bittersweet, half milk chocolate Pastilles.

Guess I'll go have some more candy cane kisses...

Friday, November 17, 2006


Rachael told me last week that she had been nominated for an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) award. I assumed that lots of students had been nominated, we'd go to the banquet and they'd announce a winner and she probably didn't have much chance of actually winning the award.

So, we get to the banquet last night and look at the program. There are 14 schools in our FCA chapter and it looked like each school could nominate one male and one female athlete even though not every school had nominated 2 students. Come to find out, all the students were receiving an Excellence in Character Award.

I'm so proud of her! She was very nonchalant about the whole thing but I happen to think it's a big deal.

I'm not sure what I did to be blessed with such wonderful children, all 5 of them have made me so very proud to be their mother.


Reading is vital to my well being. Most of the time it doesn't matter what I'm reading, I've been known to read product packaging if there's nothing else to read. I've not had time to do much reading since I started college so this semester I've been reading a lot of books because my school work load is not very heavy.

I can think of very few books I've begun that I didn't finish. There's just something about finding out what happens at the end. A book has to be really, really bad for me to put it away without finishing. I mean really, really bad.

My current bathroom book is one that is going to be joining that elite club of unfinished books.

I consider myself to have a good vocabulary. I don't use it much because people look at you funny if you use uncommon words and I've even had people comment on words that I've used. Nevertheless, I do have a good vocabulary. This author, however, uses a multitude of words I've never heard of. Normally, I'd just look them up or figure out an approximate meaning from the context but in this book, there are just too many and context doesn't always help. It's so annoying that I'm probably going to put the book away even though the story line is not too bad.

The good thing is that there are 2 more books just waiting to take its place and the library is full of books I've yet to read. :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hot Water and Showers

You never really appreciate what you have until it's gone.

Monday, Trant was at school for something and told me that the gas company was replacing our meter, there was a leak. He said it wouldn't be a problem, they would leave a note on the door , we could call and they would come turn the gas back on and light the pilots. Yeah, there is a problem. I have class an hour away, Steven is umpiring until 10:30, Rachael is not 18 and I wouldn't let her have a strange man in the house alone anyway. I ask Trant if he'll let they gas man in and take care of that for me and he assured me that was not a problem.

I get home, Rachael says Trant let the guy in and we have gas. We're good to go.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning. When Steven gets me up, he tells me to take a quick shower because there's not much hot water. What he didn't think about was that when he took his shower, the water tank filled back up with cold water and what little bit of warm water was left was long gone. So, we heat water up on the stove, pour it in the bathtub for me to take a bath and wash my hair. One small problem. The plug is not keeping the water in the tub. I get bathed quickly and go to the kitchen to finish washing my hair in the sink. Not much fun at all.

Steven said they didn't turn the gas on to the hot water heater so he calls Trant. Trant says, "Oh, I was going to come fix that for you but I forgot. There's a gas leak at the hot water heater and that's why they didn't turn the gas on."

Steven has to umpire again so he doesn't have time to do anything other than take the connection off and see that it's stripped so he'll have to fix it today. Rachael and I go to WM to get a bathtub plug so we can take a bath.

Wednesday morning. Steven has water heating up for me and I take a bath again. Have I said how much I detest baths? Steven takes the day off to fix the gas, make some contacts for interviews and find his diploma.

I get home and he is freshly showered. He rubs it in my face. Not a good thing to do since I haven't had a shower in two days. I think I told him to bite me.

We have hot water again so I'm a happy camper. I get to take a shower in the morning. :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

M-A-R-I-O, M-A-R-I-O, M-A-R-I-O

I *detest* reality shows but somehow watched Dancing With the Stars a couple of weeks ago. Lo and behold, there's Mario Lopez, a most delicious specimen of a man. An awesome dancer too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Missed it last week but remembered the finals tonight. Emmett is quite a smooth player and does an OK job but Mario is awesome! He has such energy and passion.

Both of them nailed their freestyle dance tonight as well as their other 2 dances. I can't wait until next week when the winner is announced.

I can't believe I'm watching a reality show...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Deep Breaths

That's what I've been doing for 4 hours now. It's not helping. Steven is getting laid off the first of the month. Why do people seem to always lay you off right before Christmas?

I know everything will be OK but right now I'm not coping very well. I did something tonight that I've never done before. I got up and walked out of class while someone was talking. I just couldn't deal with it tonight. Dr. S was talking and I wasn't hearing a word he was saying so I left. Unfortunately, I was in The Woodlands and didn't need to drive all the way down there just to turn around and come back home without attending class but such is life...

Deep breaths....

Friday, November 10, 2006

Oprah's Crew in M'ville

I almost forgot about this...

Oprah's crew was in town last weekend taping a family for an upcoming show. Too bad I stayed home all weekend and didn't even know about it until Wednesday.

A single mom with 4 girls that moved to town last spring was being taped. I just met her Wednesday at the PTO luncheon. Here's the story she told...

There's a group of ladies in their 30s that have been friends from childhood. They still get together once a month without husbands, boyfriends or children. One of the friends wrote Oprah . One of the producers called and said they weren't doing a show on friends but on women in their 30s across America . They asked her to tell about all the friends and when they got to the one in M'ville, that's the one they wanted. They called, came and taped a day in their life, flew her to Chicago where she stayed in the "all suites Omni hotel".

When I find out when the show is airing, I'll be sure to let you know so you can see your hometown on Oprah. :)

Veteran's Day

This morning was our Veteran's Day program. I'm a *very* patriotic person and the program makes me very emotional every year. Part of it has to do with the fact that all 3 of my boys are serving our country even though there's really no family history of military service. One of my brothers was in the Army reserves, an uncle served in the Army in Vietnam and Steven's biological father was in the Air Force (the kids have never met him and neither have I).

This year we had an honor guard from A&M to post the colors and then do a flag folding ceremony. During the ceremony, students read what each fold of the flag represented, very informational. A 5th grade girl sang the national anthem acapella and did an awesome job. Another 5th grade girl sang "God Bless the USA", my very favorite patriotic song next to the national anthem. Our speaker this year was another 5th grade girl who spoke about both of her grandfathers, both veterans. That was my downfall this year.

One of the grandfathers is the father of my best friend from childhood who was killed when we were in 8th grade. There are no major milestones in my life that I don't think of Kim not to mention all the other times I think about her. I haven't seen him in years and he's getting older so I went to tell him about how much I think about her and how much I loved her. He hugged me and was crying too and his wife (not Kim's mother, she died quite a few years ago) hugged me and told me how much that meant to him. He told me that he misses her every single day. I don't know if he remembered me, he didn't seem to know me when I told him my name but that's OK, he knows I still think about her and miss her too.

Geez, I'm crying again.

Thank you Chris, David and Daniel. I so appreciate you serving our country and keeping us free to live the lives we choose to live. God Bless You.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trying to Test

So, I passed my EC-4 qualifying test 2 weeks ago. That means I can register to take the actual test.

So, I go to set up my profile and lo and behold, I already have one from my paraprofessional certification. I didn't create it, the district did.

So, many years ago when I applied for this job, I applied using the name Becky and my actual middle name. Since then, I've changed everything ( I thought) to Rebecca Maiden Last, what my driver's licsense says. It was a pain in the rear and now I'm having to constantly tell people that I'm Becky, not Rebecca but to get financial aid, my SS card had to reflect my legel name so I decided to just change everything.

I went to register for my test and in order to take the test, the name I register with has to be the exact name on my ID. I have to register with the name that's on my profile. That name is not the name that's on my ID. Registration ends 11/10. After that, it costs $30 more for late registration. That's on top of the $82 registration fee.

I sent an email to have my name changed but I'd be willing to bet that it won't be done in time for me to register by the 10th.

I'll survive but I sure don't need to have to pay $30 extra dollars to take the stupid test!


I guess that my schedule doesn't seem complicated to me because it's my schedule but apparently it is complicated because DH can't seem to *get it*.

I don't have a problem with his schedule. Monday nights he unpires until 10:30. Tuesday night he has choir practice until 8:30. Wednesday night he umpires until 10:30.

I don't have a problem with my schedule. On Monday I have class from 9-12. Occasionally I have kinesiology from 8-9 on Monday. If I go to class on Wednesday morning, it's kinesiology from 8-9 but that is only occasionally. Monday night I have class from 6-9. How difficult is that?

I'll give you that at the beginning of the semester it was a tad more complicated. For 3 weeks I had class MWF from 9-12 along with everything else and then for 3 weeks I went to Bridgewood Farms on Friday from 9-12. But, that was over weeks ago and that really wasn't that difficult either.

I'm not even expecting him to know when I'm observing at the high school.

Thank goodness the semester is almost over. Spring will be really, really easy. Class in The Woodlands M-Th from 5-8. Surely he can get that right.

He's wonderful but geez, this is driving me crazy!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Finally Got Scores!

I finally got my qualifier scores on Friday after 2 emails to the incompetent lady that works in the certification office.

I'd had to call her to make sure I was registered for the test. She had my last name spelled incorrectly and had my email address wrong. My handwriting is *not* that bad! She didn't correct either one when I called.

The first email she responded to said that she was having technical difficulties and would email scores on Thursday. When I emailed her Friday asking about scores again, she informed me that she had emailed them on Thursday but she would check my email. Of course, she had not fixed it after me giving it to her twice. She did get them to me then but there was no reason for all that trouble.

In order to take my real test, I have to get an invitation from the state, set up a profile and register. Hopefully she's now got my email corrected and that process can proceed without a hitch. The next test date is December 9 and I'm hoping to be able to test then. That will be 1/3 of my qualifying tests out of the way.

By the way....91/100!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I miss my waterbed!

We finally put the flannel sheets on the bed last weekend, just in time! It was starting to get chilly crawling into bed at night. It was pretty nippy when I went to bed last night so I put the electric blanket on the bed and turned it on. It didn't help too much until after I'd gone to sleep but hopefully DH appreciated it when he crawled into bed sometime after 11. He'd been umpiring and then rode home on the bike so I know he was cold.

It was 50 degrees when I got up this morning and the bed was toasty warm from the electric blanket but I sure miss crawling into my toasty warm waterbed at night when it's cold. Apparently though, I'll survive without it since this will be our second winter in a "real" bed.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Various Stuff...

The time change is really kicking my rear this year. I must be getting old or something. :) Usually I have trouble adjusting to the change in the spring but this year the fall is giving me problems. I'm waking up between 3 and 4 every morning and not being able to really go back to sleep. That makes me tired and when I get tired, I get grumpy. Hopefully by next week I'll be used to it. Luckily, Dr. S. had an online class Monday night and I didn't have to drive to the Woodlands for class, that would have made things much worse. I keep forgetting to email him and thank him for having online class the Monday after the time change.

Last Saturday I took my EC-4 qualifier. They said we would have results via e-mail within 3 days. Guess what? NO RESULTS YET!! Yes, I'm yelling because I'm frustrated. If they didn't have the results ready, couldn't they have emailed and let us know there would be a delay or post it on Blackboard? I've been compulsively checking my college e-mail for 2 days now.

Hopefully I made at least an 80 and will be able to take the real exam Dec. 9. That would make me happy. I'll take the SPD qualifier Dec. 6 and if I make an 80 on it, I'll be able to take the real test on Feb. 24. That will be 2/3 of my certification tests. I'm not sure when I need to take my PPR qualifier, I'll worry about that later...

For so many years now, I've been going to school and just taking classes. Now that I'm almost finished, it almost doesn't seem real. I mean I'm actually going to graduate in May and have my own classroom in August. Now that it's almost here, I'm having difficulty believing that it's actually happening. Taking my qualifier Saturday really made it real for me. Have I mentioned how excited I am to be finishing? Well, I am! I am so proud of myself for actually doing this.