Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting Started

I went and worked in my room today for 5 hours. I got quite a bit accomplished but still have soooo much left to do! I moved my desk back to the hallway side of the room. I think it's staying there because I'm sick of moving it back and forth. Not to mention that once I get the bulletin board up, I'll pretty much have to leave it there.

It's getting closer and closer...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Don't I Feel Special?

I got my hair cut Wednesday. 3-4 inches shorter and layers so it has more body. I also had highlights done to help with my increasing number of grey hairs. Subtle highlights but highlights none the less.

Today is Friday. Rachael still hasn't noticed. Yesterday I went shopping with 7 other people and no one noticed. This morning I went to school and 3 other people didn't notice. Steven's been home 30 minutes and he hasn't noticed.

Guess the change wasn't drastic enough.

I'm going back next week and have her work on it again. It's longer in the front than in the back and I'm not liking that very much. I hate having to find a new hairstylist! I'm going to give her a couple of times before I try someone else.

3 1/2 hours after he got home, Steven finally noticed. He was beating on my back and was about to stop before he finally noticed...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shop Till You Drop

There are big changes in our family that are requiring lots of shopping. I have to get my classroom ready, upgrade my wardrobe some and get Rachael ready for the dorm so there's been lots of shopping going on. I worked Summer School so we would have money to do all this shopping without all the money anxiety.

Hopefully I'm about done with my classroom shopping. I'm going to Houston Thursday with a group of teachers and will pick up some things there and may have to order some racing stuff (our theme this year is Racing For Success) online but other than that I should be finished. I still need to do a little bit of clothes shopping but if I don't get that done, I'll be OK.

Rachael and I shopped for her yesterday and got everything she needs except for a few things she needs to talk to her roommate about so we don't have duplicates. Rachael's favorite purchase was her *cool* tool kit. She was excited that she got to open it and use it before we even got home to put the lock on her bike so we could keep shopping.

The living room is a disaster. Her stuff is on the loveseat because her room is a disaster from SonPower and mission trip. My stuff is on the couch because I can't get into my classroom until after Thursday. There are also tubs of books everywhere that need to go to my classroom. I'll be really glad to get all this school stuff out of the house!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So Frustrated

First of all, I take horrible pictures. Always have, that's why I don't like my picture taken or maybe I really do look that bad and I'm just kidding myself. Anyway...

College graduation is a big deal and I wanted my pictures. I wanted some receiving my diploma and some with my cords because I'm really proud of that accomplishment.

Do you have any idea how expensive those stinking pictures are?!? So, I really don't know how many and what sizes I want and really can't decide. I scroll to the bottom of the page and lo and behold, there's a digital option. I call to find out if it's all three poses or just one. Of course, you have to pay for each pose. Since the package I was looking at costs $58 and the digital image is $65, I choose the digital image so I'll have it and can make prints of whatever size I want, for whoever wants one (probably no one except me but that's OK). I order a couple of actual prints with the cords, just for me.

Today I go and actually look at the digital image (receiving my diploma) and am sick at my stomach and very frustrated. The proofs they sent out didn't show that *MY FREAKIN' EYES ARE CLOSED!!!!!*. I paid $65 (non-refundable) for a digital picture of me receiving my diploma and MY EYES ARE CLOSED!!! Won't that look good hanging on my wall?!?

Oh well, there are worse tragedies but right now it's really frustrating me...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Are You Sitting Down?

The dogs are just about out of food (Steven was sick so I didn't stop at Wal-Mart on the way home from Louisiana). At W-M here, it's $17 something. In Huntsville, it's $13 something. Normally I would just ride to Huntsville and get it and do some grocery shopping while I was there.

Instead, I paid the $17 something here. I decided that with gas being $3 a gallon, my time and the wear and tear on the truck it was actually cheaper to buy it here. Not to mention that I would have spent lots more money in Huntsville.

It was really tough for me to do that but I did and I'm really proud of myself for getting past that *hump*

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

Since the 4th was on Wednesday and Steven only gets off for the one day, Bailey and I went to Austin to spend the day with him so he wouldn't have to make the drive and be exhausted or spend the day alone.

We went up Tuesday after we got up and got ready. It rained off and on the entire trip and was supposed to rain all week. Steven got off work early so by the time we got there, he was at the trailer already and I didn't go to Ginger's (shucks!). I did need to go to a bigger teacher supply store than the one in CS so we did that and went to Hobby Lobby and grocery shopping. By that time it was time to eat and settle in for the night.

Wednesday morning, Steven had promised me breakfast at Waffle House (Mmmm...). There's one right across the street from the trailer park but the line was to the door. We drove over (in the rain) to the one on 290 but the line was to the door there also. We went back did something (can't remember what) and then went back to the one by the park. There was a table available so we got to eat. It was lunch time by now but it doesn't matter, we always get the same thing. :) Bailey ate 3 pieces of sausage and a grilled cheese. I didn't think he was ever going to get full!

Since it was raining and the trailer is so small, we decided to head to the mall to walk. Bailey had the best time just riding the escalators and looking in all the windows and walking around. I did some teacher clothes shopping at Penny's (they had a great sale).

We wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens but they were closed. :( We went to the complex where Steven's office is and fed the ducks and fish. Bailey didn't like the geese, he said they were too loud. He loved the fish though, they would swarm when we threw food. After we ran out of food and were just walking, it appeared that they were following us, it was really cool! We climbed the stairs through the "jungle" to the actual building where Steven works. There are some cow sculptures there and Bailey "rode" one of them. Then we had to follow the path of the water to the fountain until we found the beginning. Then it was time to head back down the path. Since it had been raining, the path was slippery. Bailey had a "fake" fall and grandma had a real fall. Nothing hurt though.

After that, we headed over to the Nature Conservatory. We hiked forever it seemed. It says there are 2.5 miles of trails but it sure seemed like we did more than that. we went up and down hills and did lots of what Bailey called "exploring". We saw a rabbit and a deer and a waterfall. Bailey says that rabbits aren't aminals (his pronouncation). Only things like tigers and elephants are aminals. The reindeer (Bailey's word) that we saw stood and looked at us for the longest time. She was absolutely beautiful with huge brown eyes. She was about the distance from our house to about 3/4 the way to the street from us. After we watched her for the longest time, Bailey and I crept torwards her until she ran off. Bailey said she was going to her little boy down the hill. By the time we found the waterfall and started back, dusk was coming and we were hungry. We were also sweating like pigs and grandma and grandpa were tired. It was really tough making that last climb!

We went back to the trailer and grilled steaks and had shells and cheese and asparagus with some watermelon. It was delicious! We headed to the fireworks. Originally we were going to stop somewhere on Riverside Drive and watch them from a parking lot so we didn't have to deal with the crowds and traffic. That didn't really work so we headed closer. We crossed the river and exited. I saw a good vantage point so we parked and headed off. We had a great view at the Mexican American Cultural Center. There were only about 4 families there so no crowds and we missed all the traffic. Bailey didn't want to hear the loud noise and we didn't except for some people lighting Black Cats close by.

We had a wonderful day and didn't spend a penny except for some drinks and gas. Bailey had a great time (he wants to go explore some more) and so did we.

I wanted to take him to the capitol building today before we left but it was raining and we wouldn't have been able to see the statues out front so we'll save that for another trip. (I know, you're all groaning but I love the capitol building and can't wait to introduce to another generation).

Bailey goes home tomorrow. :( We had a wonderful visit and I can't wait until he gets to come again (hopefully Christmas break).


Have I mentioned recently that I love Austin? If not, well, I do! There are so many things to do there that don't cost a penny (details in the 4th of July entry).

Austin is absolutely beautiful. The hills, the trees, the rivers, Zilker Park, the Botanical Gardens, the Pfluger Bridge, the houses (the old ones, not the new ones). Ginger's is there and there are awesome thrift stores and a great Goodwill.

The one thing I don't like is the panhandlers that seem to be on almost every street corner. One last night had a sign that said "Why lie? I need a beer". I guess he gets points for honesty but he sure didn't get any of my money.

I wish we could afford to live in Austin but right now we just can't. I also don't think I'm real crazy about teaching in Austin for the same reasons I didn't want my kids to go to school there: crime, drugs and gangs. I know we have those things here but not as bad as there.