Monday, April 30, 2007

Totally Overwhelmed

I sent graduation invitations to several people that I'm really not very close to anymore but I think a lot of them and thought they would be excited for me. Two of those invitations went to a couple of my stitching friends. One lives near Dallas and the other lives in Kansas. Last week I got a card from one of them with a $50 gift certificate to Ginger's (cross stitch shop in Austin) and today I got a card from the other lady with another $50 gift certificate for Ginger's. I am totally and completely overwhelmed by their generosity.

In other overwhelming graduation news, the 3rd grade team is giving me a teacher shower for graduation. That totally and completely overwhelms me also. I have no idea what I do to deserve such generosity so it humbles me beyond belief.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Steven found some poetry I wrote for my Library Science class in November, 2004. I still have difficulty understanding poetry but these 4 poems weren't too bad so I'm going to share them.

5 sense poem:

Steven is blue; calm, cool and collected
He tastes like warm chocolate chip cookies.
He sounds like soothing ocean waves
And smells like the air after a rain shower.
He's dark, handsome and distinguished-looking
And feels like a rock, safe and secure.

Acrostic poem:

Baby no more,
Always on the move
Into everything
Living his life
Each day
Yearning for his dad.


There once was a leprechaun named Morty
He's having a birthday, oh lordy!
He's not telling a soul
Not even a mole
How he wishes he was still forty.


Grey, square
Humming, working, frustrating
Metal, machine-wood, instrument
writing, erasing, flowing
yellow, round

Sonic Vent

People who order food at the drive thru at Sonic annoy me to no end. Are they afraid they will have to park, actually push a button, put their vehicle in reverse and back out of the parking space? Is that too much effort for them? I really don't understand. It's not like they have to get out of their vehicle and go inside.

Yes, I understand that if I wasn't at Sonic buying a large cherry lime coke with a little bit of extra ice, this wouldn't annoy me. What can I say? It helps relieve my stress and untill school is over, I'm going to use that stress relief...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The End is in Sight

5 more class days, 1 Powerpoint presentation, 1 Science unit, 1 observation and a portfolia and I will be done. That's still a lot of work left to do but I'm beginning to think I may survive.

(Sunday evening update: the Powerpoint presentation is finished, I've done as much as I can on the Science unit until the rest of the group members email me their contribution. The unit still has to be printed and bound after I get their part so my Tuesday will be busy. That means I only have my portfolio, an observation and 5 more class days. Wow, it really is almost over!)

I took my PPR (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities) qualifier this afternoo. I'll get scores no later than Wednesday then I can register for my certification test. I'll have to take this on on the computer because I don't want to wait until June and then have to wait 3 weeks for results. I don't like taking tests on the computer but such is life...

I guess I've learned something this semester after all. When I took the practice test over Christmas break, I missed 11 questions out of 90. When I took it yesterday, I only missed 5. There's no way I would have remembered questions over the course of this semester so I have to assume I've actually learned something. It has to be all those stupid competencies I've written...

Off to work...