Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Dancing!

Steven got a mid-year bonus today and it's enough to pay off our house with a little left over!! He's taking off work early so we can go to the bank and take care of it today.

I'm so excited that the house payment can now be used for debt reduction every month and we're that much closer to being able to flip the house.

It's a happy day here!!


It's done!! We'll be having a mortgage burning party in 4-6 weeks when the paperwork arrives.

The next credit card should be paid off in 2-3 months now. Debt free is getting closer even though it's still a ways off...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why I'm Voting Democrat

Why I'm Voting Democrat

I thought this was great! This young man seems to have a great head on his shoulders.

Wii Fever

Yesterday Kevin and Diane had their housewarming. They have a beautiful 22oo sq. ft. house on 1 1/2 lots with a monster garage. The backyard is huge and has a covered deck with a covered walkway from the garage to the house. It's 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a huge utility room and game room with enough room to really play pool. I forgot to take my camera so I don't have pictures. :( It was like a Santos family reunion. Everyone was there except Megan, Brandy and Chris and all my kids. That's the first time so many have been together since Gaile's funeral in February 2000. I got to spend lots of time holding Arin and Celeste's baby Xander who is one month younger than Rowdy.

Kevin and Diane have a Wii. Steven played bowling with Sherrill, Tara and Jeremiah and loved it.

We looked at W-M in Huntsville on the way home last night but they didn't have one.

We looked at W-M in Madisonville today and they did have one.

We are now the owners of a Wii.

Steven is hooking it up right now.

Yes, we've lost leave of all our senses....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mmmm, Mmmm Good!

Jennifer's birthday is tomorrow and she wanted me to make FS since hers never tastes as good as mine. Now I love FS but it is the biggest pain in the rear to make. So, since it's her birthday and she asked for it, I made a big batch.

I must say that it was quite delicious...

If you love FS and want some, drop on by on your birthday and I'll fix some for you.

Thank you so much Terry for making me try it 24 years ago even though it looked absolutely disgusting and I swore it would never pass my lips.

(If you don't know what FS is and you grew up in my house, just think for a minute and you should get it :) If you didn't grow up in my house, just ask and I'll tell you :)

Friday, June 06, 2008


RIP dear Samsung phone.

You served me well.

I loved you and no other phone will ever be able to replace you.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


What has happened? I love plants but my entire adult life, I've been able to take a beautiful plant and turn it into a dead stick (in direct contrast to my dad who can take a dead stick and turn it into a beautiful plant). I always tried really hard to keep plants alive but they never made it.

Now, my porch is full of plants that are all doing well. I even have 2 plants from Gaile's funeral in 2000 that are still doing well. What's up with these plants? I don't feel like I'm doing anything differently but apparently I am. I now have to stop buying plants because I have no more room for them!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


We've subscribed to Netflix for about a year now. For the longest time, we did 1 movie at a time with a limit of 2 movies a month. We don't watch tons of movies but do enjoy one sometimes and $4.99 was really cheap for 2 movies. Since Rachael is home, we're doing 2 at at time, unlimited. She has a queue and we have a queue so she gets movies she likes and so do we.

Last night I was in the office and thinking how we needed a DVD player for the office TV because I wanted to watch a movie and Steven and Rachael were watching softball on the big TV. Suddenly, I had an AHA moment and remembered that Netflix has movies on demand that you can watch on your computer. We have unlimited on demand movies so I proceeded to check it out. It only took about 2 minutes from the time I went to the website until I was watching a movie. The quality was great and you can pause when you want to. I'll probably be doing this more often now. Our computer screen is about the same size as our office TV so I might as well save the cost of a DVD player for the office. :) Not all movies are available but there's still a good selection. This is also an option for when we're traveling and staying in a hotel.

Riding the Bike

Steven has to have some work done on his bike tomorrow in Austin (he prepaid for some services before he went to work in Conroe) so we're heading out late this afternoon and are going to spend the night. We got a room at a Marriott through PriceLine (love PriceLine!) and will enjoy the amenities there instead of our usual Motel 6.

This will be our first real ride this year. School has been so difficult and I've worked so late every evening and been so stressed that I haven't even wanted to ride. Steven probably should have made me go on some rides though since it really does help relieve my stress.

Steven will go to the Austin office and work while they're working on the bike. I'll go along and either stitch or read (better than sitting at the bike shop!). After they finish, we'll mess around for awhile and head back late in the evening.
On the agenda:
- a trip to my favorite thrift shop (I always find Steven nice dress shirts and ties for well under $5 as well as books in OK condition for my classroom library for 25 cents)
- a trip to Ginger's - conveniently across the parking lot from my favorite thrift shop
- a trip to a great Goodwill store - they always have great kids' books, in great condition for 99 cents
- if there's time, I want to check out the new shopping center/mall (can't tell from the feeder road what it is for sure) that is where the airport used to be
- maybe a trip to the teacher supply store but probably not
- a meal at Panda Express
- whatever else strikes our fancy

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who will take me wherever I want to go and shops with me with no complaint. He holds stuff so I get to shop with my hands free. Have I said recently how wonderful he is and how blessed the kids and I are to have him in our lives? If not, here it is. :)