Monday, August 31, 2009

2nd Week of School

It's the beginning of the second week of school.

I'm already exhausted.

I'm already so far behind that I'll never get caught up.

So, what's new about that?

I was talking to another teacher today that was leaving the same time as me (6:30) and we decided that we were there late every day because we never sit at our desks. We are up and actually *gasp* teaching or monitoring students. What a novel concept!

I'm really struggling this year. Since Steven and I have decided to work hard and build our business so I can come home, it's difficult for me to be excited about teaching. If we weren't in debt, this could conceivably be my last year to teach. It will probably be 2 years but I now have hope that I'll be able to come home, where I want to be.

Thank you Trant for lighting a fire under Steven.

Thank you Steven for not letting our dream die even though I put it in the deep freeze for a very long time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Also known as post nasal drip.

A most miserable condition.

Ask me, I know.

I've had it my entire life.

My family finds me in the store by listening to my cough and throat clearing.

I always thought it was allergies.

Skin test shows that I'm allergic to a big, fat, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

That led me to looking for alternative solutions.

I gargled with grapefruit seed extract and that helped some but it didn't last long.

To the rescue....parasite cleansing.

Mother talked me into doing it a couple of years ago but I didn't even finish one month of the recommended 3 months. Couldn't deal with the icky fiber I had to drink every day.

Fast forward 2 years...

I am now highly motivated to see if this really works for my PND. I found a way to deal with the bad taste and am having no difficulty following the program.

Tomorrow, I finish the first month. The next two months' supply is ordered.

I haven't had any kind of medication for my PND for three days and I'm hardly suffering at all. It's not gone but it's well on it's way to oblivion.

How will my family find me in the store when it's completely gone?!?

Parasites cause lots of other problems so I recommend checking out Dr. Natura's website and ordering if you have any of those problems. Your body will thank you.

Dr. Natura

End of PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I went to my quilting group today for the first time in 2 weeks. My machine hasn't been touched in those two weeks.

You'd think I'd forgotten how to quilt.

I was working on Bailey's ninja star quilt.

After I ripped the same seam out on two different blocks for the third time, I put Bailey's quilt on hold.

I took out the fabric for the throw I'm making for me and got it cut out. Of course, I needed 3 more fat quarters and knew there wasn't anything suitable in my enormous stash so I headed to the quilt store. Thank goodness there's one in town!

My quilt is completely cut out but I didn't get any sewing done.

I guess that's what happens when you don't touch your machine for two weeks...

I wonder how many quilts I now have in various stages of completion...

I wonder if I'm ADHD...

I think I'm just a serial starter of projects. I'm that way with cross stitching too...

Oh well, one of the many facets of me...

Pinkie Balls

Have I talked about pinkie balls yet? I don't remember.

My pinkie balls are my new best friends.

Really, they are.

I sleep with them every single night. I even use them in the vehicle on long trips.

Between my massage therapist and my pinkie balls, my shoulder pain is going away. Some days I hardly hurt at all.

Since I've had pain 24/7 for years now, that is saying something.

Pinkie balls on trigger points are absolutely divine.

They take away pain.

If you have muscle aches and pains, you need to have some pinkie balls. Then you need to actually use those pinkie balls on your trigger points.

It's good stuff, I tell you...