Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tin Roof

No, we didn't put a new roof on our house even though we will do a metal roof when we either build or flip.

Blue Bell Tin Roof

One of our very favorite flavors.

Almost never available.

Our rule is that whenever we see it, we buy it because it may not be there the next time.

Saturday, there it was in all its chocolate, vanilla, peanutty glory.

Of course it came home with us.

I guess my tastes have changed because it really wasn't that good to me even though Steven said it was delicious.

Of course, I'll eat it until it's gone.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I don't think I've ever bought anything trendy in my life.

Today I did.

Have you seen the adorable zebra bags with the red trim?

I own one.

I also own a zebra print wallet with red trim.

Most of the zebra stripe bags are too big for me but I found one that was smaller and a great shape. It only has one compartment and I don't like that (I need a divided purses so I can find stuff) but I'm going to do my best to learn to like it.

I also got a red leather purse that is much more my style.

We'll see how this trendy thing goes...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bitten by the Quilting Bug

I've been bitten by the quilting bug. Steven says I have it bad.

I think he's right.

I have a quilt top for my bed finished except for the border. I had fabric for the border but I didn't like it so I got some more. I need to finish this one.

I made a wall hanging quilt top for Jenny's stairwell. It needs to be taken to the shop and quilted.

Tonight I finished a Christmas quilt top. I love, love, love it! I've got to get the backing fabric bordered because I didn't buy enough. I'll probably get that done tomorrow. Tonight I'm too tired.

I have fabric for Rachael a quilt. Hopefully I'll start cutting it out this weekend.

I'm doing a Buck a Block quilt that will take a year to complete (one block a month for 12 months). I've made 12 samples of the outer square to try and decide which one I like best. I'm still not sure.

I've been perusing lots of quilting blogs.

I'm about to begin a Calendar Quilt. I need to get this caught up before any more of the year passes by.

I'm watching a book on ebay for selvage quilts because I can't figure out how to make them but I love them. If you sew and throw away your selvage ends, please save them for me!

This weekend is an online retreat for making an orange quilt. I don't have many orange fabrics but I'm wanting to do one.

The quilt shop here in town has some retro fabrics that will make great backs for my great-grandmother's quilt tops that I need to get from Mom.

There are many other quilts I want to start from my already large stash of quilt books and magazines.

I'm going to the Quilting Hens group on Tuesday evenings. I can't wait until summer when I can go all day long.

I'm going on a shop hop with the Quilting Hens at the end of March.

Yep, I think I have a bad case of quiltitis.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Refuse!!

It was 77 degrees in my house when I got home this afternoon. It is February 18. Something is wrong with this picture.

Please bring on some more winter. I am not ready for hot weather. Not even remotely ready.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's My Birthday!

and it was filled with surprises!

There was a card from Steven, one from mom, one from Mrs. Harper, a balloon with a Hobby Lobby gift card and truffles (not the yummo, delicious ones I'd requested but truffles nonetheless) in my chair this morning.

At school, there were lots of birthday greetings, yummy chicken salad and delicious frozen strawberry dessert, Mary Kay lotion and mini makeup brushes and a cupcake. There was also a voice mail of one of my parents singing Happy Birthday. There was an email from the First Place coordinator (a high school teacher), an email from my former First Place leader (head of food services), an email from my superintendent, a card from PTO (done by Stacy B.), a message on the faculty blackboard, a shout out on morning announcements, a few cards made by kids (one was a total surprise - left on my desk at the end of the day - didn't find it until the kids were all gone)

After school, there were the yummo truffles but they were stale so really not so yummo. :(

I knew Jenny was cooking supper but I didn't know that Stephanie, Rowdy and Rachael were there to eat it with us! I was sooooo surprised to see them! There was yummy steak and gravy and rice, veggies, garlic bread and sweet tea with chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting with Blue Bell ice cream. In the bag were a couple of "real" knives and a cookbook holder.

There was a call from Stephanie (little stinker!), a call from Rachael that I missed because I was talking to a parent, a text from Layne (I'd have texted him back but I've never sent a text before and am not real interested in learning now), a call from Robert that I missed when I left my phone at home while we were at Jenny's and a call from David.

A really awesome day in spite of the parent conference in the parking lot this afternoon and the call I had to make to explain the 50 something on a progress report. Turning 48 wasn't bad at all!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cleaning House the Flylady Way

We have allowed the house to become a disaster area again so today we're cleaning, the Flylady way.

15 minutes at a time. We're working in different rooms and switching rooms every 15 minutes with 15 minute breaks thrown in occasionally.

Using the timer and switching rooms really helps me stay focused on the area I'm working in but I'm not overwhelmed with one room because I only have to work there 15 minutes and then I'll come back to it later.

If I would just do 15 minutes a day, the house would never get like this but somehow I can't seem to get those 15 minutes done every day. :(

We turned th TV to the Jukebox Gold music station while we work and mostly, they're playing great oldies music that we love with quite a bit of disco thrown in which makes me happy. Right now, it's Prince - I could really do without him but it'll be over soon. :)

My timer is about to go off, I think my next 15 minutes will be in the dining room...

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I am in shock. I had no idea any one person could do such a thing. 9 instead of 3. How could they? Absolutely unbelievable. I'm not sure I'll get over this one.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Field trip = stress galore - headache - near meltdown

Large sweet tea, medium McDonald's fries and entire bag of chocolate hearts = stress eating stress relief.

Retail therapy at the quilt shop = relief of stress, new quilt in the works

Wonder if it would work for me to boycott all future field trips?

Things that are worse than field trips:
  • water board torture
  • beating with cat 'o nine tails
  • losing a limb
I'm sure there are more things worse than field trips but right now I can't come up with any.

Can you guess how my day went?