Thursday, December 25, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

So, we're all here for Christmas except mother. Daniel, David and Bailey are outside playing. Daniel comes in and tells us that there's a wild hog in the woods beside our house.

There can't be a wild hog there, we live in town for goodness sake.

But, David confirmed - not that I doubted Daniel, you understand. It was just too unbelievable.

Daniel called his brothers and told them to bring the bow.

There is no longer a wild hog in the woods next to our house.

It was a mercy killing. The poor young hog only had 3 legs and 1 ear had been ripped off. We figure it had been caught in some type of trap.

Zach was going to eat it but decided against it. Probably a good decision.

Never a dull moment...

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