Thursday, April 26, 2007


Steven found some poetry I wrote for my Library Science class in November, 2004. I still have difficulty understanding poetry but these 4 poems weren't too bad so I'm going to share them.

5 sense poem:

Steven is blue; calm, cool and collected
He tastes like warm chocolate chip cookies.
He sounds like soothing ocean waves
And smells like the air after a rain shower.
He's dark, handsome and distinguished-looking
And feels like a rock, safe and secure.

Acrostic poem:

Baby no more,
Always on the move
Into everything
Living his life
Each day
Yearning for his dad.


There once was a leprechaun named Morty
He's having a birthday, oh lordy!
He's not telling a soul
Not even a mole
How he wishes he was still forty.


Grey, square
Humming, working, frustrating
Metal, machine-wood, instrument
writing, erasing, flowing
yellow, round

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