Thursday, August 07, 2008

Outside My Mind

It's August.

Where did the summer go?

I had so many plans for the summer and very few of them got done. I guess that's OK because I was in dire need of some down time.

August is when I start working in my room. Since the 1st was on Friday, I waited until Monday to start work. Probably a big mistake since we're going to Alabama to see Birdie and I'll be gone at least 5 days.

The reason I'm outside my mind though is SMAK (Summer Music Activities for Kids). Way back in June, during Bible School, Angela asked if I'd help with SMAK. Of course, I told her to just put me where she needed me.

When SMAK is over, there's only two weeks left before school starts.

She needed me to help with field trips every afternoon.

I despise field trips.

No teacher should volunteer to go on multiple field trips in the same week on school buses in August in Texas unless, of course, they love field trips. (is that a sentence? :)

I told her I wanted to work with my 3rd graders.

I didn't know that was the new 3rd graders.

Now I know several kids I am happy are not in my tripod (we have our lists).

Today is my last day with SMAK because we leave in the morning - hooray!!

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