Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who Knew?

that all that sneezing I did Friday would lead to a full blown head cold?

I sneezed several times Friday, a bit unusual for me. Didn't think to much about it, just figured it was something in the air. Sneezed some more at Jenny's house Friday afternoon/evening. Still didn't think to much about it. My nose started running at Jenny's house. I should have known then that something was up, especially since I wiped my nose raw. By the time I went to bed at 9:00, my head was stuffed up and I was having trouble breathing.

Steven woke me up at 9:00 to get ready for Bailey's last soccer game. Didn't happen. My throat hurt, my head was stuffed up, had a sinus headache, my nose was stuffed up/running. I didn't feel like going, it was cold and I didn't want to pass this mess on to anyone, especially Rowdy and Jenny.

Stayed up for about 1 1/2 hours then back to bed for 4 hours. Up for a couple of hours then tried to go back to bed. My body couldn't handle being back in bed again so watched a movie. Wanted to watch another movie but went to bed instead. Still feeling miserable.

Woke up this morning not feeling much better. Been up for 1 1/2 hours and think I'm going back to bed again. I need to go to work tomorrow. I have no lesson plans done, no papers graded for Tuesday folders but I guess it will all work out.

I hate being sick...

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