Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cleaning House the Flylady Way

We have allowed the house to become a disaster area again so today we're cleaning, the Flylady way.

15 minutes at a time. We're working in different rooms and switching rooms every 15 minutes with 15 minute breaks thrown in occasionally.

Using the timer and switching rooms really helps me stay focused on the area I'm working in but I'm not overwhelmed with one room because I only have to work there 15 minutes and then I'll come back to it later.

If I would just do 15 minutes a day, the house would never get like this but somehow I can't seem to get those 15 minutes done every day. :(

We turned th TV to the Jukebox Gold music station while we work and mostly, they're playing great oldies music that we love with quite a bit of disco thrown in which makes me happy. Right now, it's Prince - I could really do without him but it'll be over soon. :)

My timer is about to go off, I think my next 15 minutes will be in the dining room...

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