Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Field trip = stress galore - headache - near meltdown

Large sweet tea, medium McDonald's fries and entire bag of chocolate hearts = stress eating stress relief.

Retail therapy at the quilt shop = relief of stress, new quilt in the works

Wonder if it would work for me to boycott all future field trips?

Things that are worse than field trips:
  • water board torture
  • beating with cat 'o nine tails
  • losing a limb
I'm sure there are more things worse than field trips but right now I can't come up with any.

Can you guess how my day went?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a down side to the internet is seeing and hearing. But - let me guess, you had a BAAAAAAADDDDD!!!
day. The good side is that now that you are down the only way to go is up.
HAVE A GLORIOUS DAY and know that my hugs and kisses are with you.
Love ya