Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today's Quilting News

Quilting time was reduced today since I decided to go to Huntsville with Steven to get parts for the toilet.

While we were gone, the quilt shop called to let me know that Jenny's wallhanging was ready. We got back in time to get it picked up. I actually picked up the quilt without buying a single thing. Isn't that amazing? I've still got to trim it, square it up, bind it and put the hanger on. Still lots of work to do there.

I put Rachael's backing together so it's headed to the quilter Tuesday. Finally! She's notoriously slow so it will still be awhile before I get it finished up.

I had planned to get the borders on my quilt but that's not happening today. It's OK, I'd have rather gone to Huntsville with Steven, Jenny, Bailey and Emily anyway. :)

We also picked up a new mailbox (about time!) and a ceiling fan for my quilting room. The mailbox is up - we'll see about the fan...

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