Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Direction

So...I've decided to take control of my health through more homeopathic ways. I prefer that but somehow got caught up in the medicine thing.

  • I've started walking every (most) days for 30 minutes.
  • I went to the health food store today and got herbs for a parasite cleanse. I also got grapefruit seed extract. I have gargled with it, drunk it and put it on my toenail fungus as well as used it in my neti pot. I also got something to hopefully help me fall asleep.
  • I'm watching what I eat - no more sweet tea, no more sugar (only occasionally) and smaller portions.
  • I'm eating something 5 times a day.
  • I've lost almost 4 pounds in a week. The scale is going down a few ounces every day. It's finally below 150 for the first time in months.
  • My body is already used to eating more often, I'm now hungry between meals. I'll have Jenny check my blood sugar in the morning and see if it's really helping.
  • Using the grapefruit seed extract for 1 day appears to have already helped my post nasal drip. I was spraying my nose 3 times a day with what the doctor gave me and I've only sprayed once today and am doing as well as I was on the medicine. The doctor said that if two sprays didn't dry me up, nothing would. Well, nothing apparently will...
I'm still going to take the cholesterol medicine because of the family history of heart problems on both sides of the family but if my cholesterol is where it needs to be in 3 months, that's gone too. I'm not going to take the anti-depressant any more though. I've had clinical depression and I don't have it now.

I feel better about the whole situation.


Steph said...

This sounds great Mom! I am excited for you and also excited to see future results! I am proud for the switch from sweet tea... we made that switch a while ago! Love you and we will see you soon!

Jim Purdy said...

You said:
"I'm eating something 5 times a day."

I have found that eating very small meals every 2-3 hours really helps me control my Type 2 diabetic blood glucose. Best wishes to you.