Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Not only am I physically tired, I'm tired of doctors and I'm tired of medicine.

I despise going to the doctor.

I despise taking medicine.

4 doctor's visits in the last 2 weeks and 7 medications.

And more to come. Another visit to my GP in a month and the allergist in 6 weeks.

High blood sugar
High cholesterol
Skin testing

Cough capsules
Nose spray
Cholesterol medicine
More nose spray
Xanex for the needle anxiety while skin testing

Enough already!

Did I mention that I'm allergic to absolutely nothing?


I love my allergist though and he said his nickname was bulldog because he doesn't give up until he has a diagnosis. I sure hope he comes up with a reason that I've had this horrible post-nasal drip for my entire life.

Have to walk every day and watch what I eat. I DO NOT want to be diagnosed with diabetes!!!

It's heck getting old...

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