Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hog Heaven

Yesterday was the Corley family reunion. I look forward to this weekend every year; food family and fellowship -what could be better? This year was especially wonderful. Layne came for the first time ever, Shane came for the first time in awhile (can't believe he'll be a senior next year) Cheryl came for the first time since the 90s and Judy came for the first time in many years. (If you don't know these people, come to the family reunion every year and get to know them like I did! )

We had some people missing also. Lynda had a sick child, Johnhy Wayne's Linda was sick, Wesley and Linda were not there again, Johnny Wayne's daughter and son (their names are escaping me right now) weren't there, Grace had planned to come and didn't get to and Beth died last year. I'm so glad she made the trip to Texas last year and came to the reunion.

Judy brought pictures, lots of pictures. She has Aunt Margrace's photo albums and shared pictures from there. Aunt Margrace was meticulous about writing names on the backs of pictures so we knew who they were. I was able to identify pictures that I have as well as getting lots more family pictures. She also brought and gave me old tax notices, insurance policies, my great grandfather's eulogy and some other things I don't remember off the top of my head. There were also some things of Aunt Margrace's (she didn't have children) that I got including perfume Uncle W.A. brought her from France after the war and her makeup case that is in perfect condition. I was so thrilled to be looking at all this stuff that I pretty much ignored the people at the reunion. Shame on me.

I love all things old, especially if they belonged to family. I told Judy that anything she didn't want, I did. I have unofficially become the official keeper of the family legacy and that thrills me. I'm so glad I'll have some time now. I want to do something with some of these things. I know I'm going to frame my grandmother's high school diploma (she graduated 75 years ago last month) and I'll either do a scrapbook or put things in sheet protectors for some of the other things.

I also did my annual trek to the Bedias Baptist Cemetary. It was especially tough to visit Steven's grave because his daughter Miranda just turned 18 and graduated from high school. He would be so proud of her, she's a wonderful young lady.

I found out some more family connections so I was able to find a couple more graves that belong to our family and that was exciting. I always visit each and every family member's gravesite when I go. I want to remember where they all are in hopes that one day one of my children will be interested in the family history and it won't be lost forever. I usually also go to the Methodist cemetary but didn't yestereday because I had jello pudding cake in the truck and didn't think I needed to have it out that long in the heat. It's been several years since I went to the Zion Methodist Cemetary in Iola, I need to do that and I need to write down directions to the cemetary where Ardis is buried so I can get back there when my mother is no longer here to give me directions. :)

Anyway, it was a wonderful day filled with things I love, my family, good food, pictures and a trip to the cemetary.

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