Sunday, June 01, 2008

Riding the Bike

Steven has to have some work done on his bike tomorrow in Austin (he prepaid for some services before he went to work in Conroe) so we're heading out late this afternoon and are going to spend the night. We got a room at a Marriott through PriceLine (love PriceLine!) and will enjoy the amenities there instead of our usual Motel 6.

This will be our first real ride this year. School has been so difficult and I've worked so late every evening and been so stressed that I haven't even wanted to ride. Steven probably should have made me go on some rides though since it really does help relieve my stress.

Steven will go to the Austin office and work while they're working on the bike. I'll go along and either stitch or read (better than sitting at the bike shop!). After they finish, we'll mess around for awhile and head back late in the evening.
On the agenda:
- a trip to my favorite thrift shop (I always find Steven nice dress shirts and ties for well under $5 as well as books in OK condition for my classroom library for 25 cents)
- a trip to Ginger's - conveniently across the parking lot from my favorite thrift shop
- a trip to a great Goodwill store - they always have great kids' books, in great condition for 99 cents
- if there's time, I want to check out the new shopping center/mall (can't tell from the feeder road what it is for sure) that is where the airport used to be
- maybe a trip to the teacher supply store but probably not
- a meal at Panda Express
- whatever else strikes our fancy

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who will take me wherever I want to go and shops with me with no complaint. He holds stuff so I get to shop with my hands free. Have I said recently how wonderful he is and how blessed the kids and I are to have him in our lives? If not, here it is. :)

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