Friday, June 20, 2008

Mmmm, Mmmm Good!

Jennifer's birthday is tomorrow and she wanted me to make FS since hers never tastes as good as mine. Now I love FS but it is the biggest pain in the rear to make. So, since it's her birthday and she asked for it, I made a big batch.

I must say that it was quite delicious...

If you love FS and want some, drop on by on your birthday and I'll fix some for you.

Thank you so much Terry for making me try it 24 years ago even though it looked absolutely disgusting and I swore it would never pass my lips.

(If you don't know what FS is and you grew up in my house, just think for a minute and you should get it :) If you didn't grow up in my house, just ask and I'll tell you :)

1 comment:

Chris Crouch said...

If you could send me the process that would be great, I would love to make some one day. I am sure it can't be that hard.