Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Tonight was the scholarship ceremony for the graduating seniors. Rachael is in a very small class that is full of very smart kids. She didn't get even remotely the most scholarship dollars but in my opinion, she got the most prestigious one,

The National Honor Society Scholarship. This scholarship is based on scholarship, leadership, service and character. The teachers are presented with a list of the graduating seniors and turn in 3 names that exemplify these traits. The top 3 students are then voted on my the membership of the National Honor Society. Rachael said there were more than 3 names on the ballot but the lady presenting the scholarship said there were 3. Nonetheless, this scholarship is based on the respect of the teachers as well as peers so I feel like it's a great honor to receive it. I'm very proud of her.

With the A&M scholarship, she's received $2850 for her first semester, which should pay for tuition and books. The A&M scholarship will be $1250 per semester as long as she keeps her grades up, basically.

Graduates also have the ability to earn up to 4 academic awards to wear at graduation in the form of collars and cords. These awards are:
Beta Club
National Honor Society
Distinguished Graduate (based on the degree plan they followed)
Honor Graduate (top 15%)
Rachael received all these awards. She's worked really hard and deserves them. She's also starting college with 18 credit hours, more than her first freshman semester.

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