Friday, July 27, 2007

Don't I Feel Special?

I got my hair cut Wednesday. 3-4 inches shorter and layers so it has more body. I also had highlights done to help with my increasing number of grey hairs. Subtle highlights but highlights none the less.

Today is Friday. Rachael still hasn't noticed. Yesterday I went shopping with 7 other people and no one noticed. This morning I went to school and 3 other people didn't notice. Steven's been home 30 minutes and he hasn't noticed.

Guess the change wasn't drastic enough.

I'm going back next week and have her work on it again. It's longer in the front than in the back and I'm not liking that very much. I hate having to find a new hairstylist! I'm going to give her a couple of times before I try someone else.

3 1/2 hours after he got home, Steven finally noticed. He was beating on my back and was about to stop before he finally noticed...

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