Sunday, August 19, 2007

Empty Nest

At 5:29 this afternoon, we walked out of Rachael's dorm and officially became empty nesters.

I was excited because after almost 28 years of parenting, I'm tired. After leaving though, I was sad because it's all over. Well, not over but the day-to-day parenting is over.

The good:
The TV and radio will stay on the channel (station) I put it on.
Any mess will be mine.
I don't have to share the truck or computer.
I only have me to worry about.
I don't have to worry until Rachael gets home at night.

The bad:
The dogs are all my responsibility.
The trash is all my responsibility.
I have to get the mail every day.
I'll find out how much of a slob I really am.

I think I can handle this...

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