Friday, August 24, 2007

Meet the Teacher

Today is my first Meet the Teacher.

I did sleep some even though I was sure I wouldn't sleep at all. It wasn't good sleep but it was sleep, much better than the alternative. :) My stomach is already churning and I'm really stressed out.

The good thing is that the 3 (I'm in a tripod) of us are talking to parents together and I don't have to talk first!! I don't have any problem getting up in front of kids and talking, peers don't bother me much any more but talking in front of a group of parents terrifies me. I know it will be fine but I'm really, really ready for 11:00 to arrive so it will all be over.


Of course it wasn't as bad as I'd worked it up to be. The 3 of us met together and each of us took 2 topics to talk about. I did fine - no throwing up or even stuttering. :) It helped that I have connections with several of the students that are in the 3 classes. Let's see if I can remember all of them:
  • One girl is the cousin of one of Jennifer's friends. I remember when she was born. I was working in the office when her grandmother called to say she was coming to get her children because their sister was having her baby.
  • One girl is the daughter of a girl Chris went to homecoming with one year. Her great-grandmother was one of my 5th grade teachers. I know her entire family.
  • One girl is the cousin of one of my favorite male students and her great-aunt is one of my favorite people.
  • One boy is the nephew of a guy in my class.
  • One girl is part of the Bedias Smith clan.
  • One girl is the sister of another of my favorite students. (I've been working with kids for 10 years now so I have lots of favorites)
  • There were several that I've taught computer to their siblings.
  • One boy is the son of a guy I gave recorder lessons to when I was a teenager.
I think I got them all and I'm sure I'll find more connections after I meet them all on Monday. I think I'm going to love teaching in my hometown.


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd thought about it this AM when I talked to you and I would have had you go get a "large cherry lime coke with a LITTLE extra ice". Seriously though babe I'll be with you in spirit and thought all day. I'm even saying a prayer that God will set you at ease.
Love Ya

Sherril said...

Becky,this is your sister-n-law,no not Kerri,Sherril. Your want a laugh look under your profile and see how your wrote 3 grade teacher. HA,HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness Sherril. I can't believe I did that and no one has ever noticed. Off to change it now...