Sunday, August 12, 2007

What were we thinking?

I told Steven that I wanted to go somewhere for the weekend, just us to celebrate the end of college. We needed to wait until after I got my summer school pay at the end of July but I still wanted to go. Originally, we planned to go to Alabama to see Birdie but that trip is so hard to make in a weekend (we couldn't afford to fly) and I wanted it to be relaxing and I wanted Steven to plan it.

He decided on Tyler, to see the Rose Gardens. A perfect trip for us. We love to do things like that and the distance is good. Not too far but somewhere we've never been together (Steven spent a year at Tyler Junior College). There was no rain forecast so we decided to ride the bike. We had a nice ride there, a little warm but not unbearable. Saturday we went to the cross stitch shop and the mall after we got up. So far so good. Today was a totally different story. Somehow we didn't think about having to check out of the hotel at noon and walk around the Rose Garden in the heat of August. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

We did the nostalgic drive through TJC for Steven and went to eat. I don't handle the heat well and by this time I was not feeling well. We decided to come on home and go back in the fall for the Rose Garden.

The ride to Palestine was miserable, to say the least. We'd planned on a break there and another one in Crockett. We downed 3 bottles of water in Palestine's Wal-Mart and spent about 30 minutes wandering and cooling off. We thought about seeing a movie to kill some time and let it cool off but decided we'd rather just get on home.

About 10 miles before we got to Crockett, it had rained so it was much cooler and the ride became bearable. It stayed that way until almost Midway where the heat came back with a vengeance.

It was a long, miserable ride home and put a bad ending to good weekend. Oh well, it will be a trip we'll always remember.

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Anonymous said...

I hope we somewhat accomplished what we set out to, I really wanted you to have a relaxing week-end.

I Love You