Monday, October 13, 2008

15 1/2 Pints of Green Tomato Relish AKA I Have The Best Husband in The Whole World

If you don't believe that I have the best husband in the whole world, just ask me, I'll be happy to extol his virtues to anyone who will listen. Unless, of course, you catch me on a day when he's being a man. In that case, I'll still extol his virtues, just not as happily. :)

Saturday, Steven had a board meeting in Waco. I stayed home to watch Bailey's soccer game. On his way home, he called to ask if I wanted him to ATM some money to get me some green tomatoes. Dumb question but that's OK. I've only been trying to grow some tomatoes, without any luck, so I can have green tomatoes for relish.

He was driving by and saw a man on the side of the road selling produce. He saw green things and couldn't tell if they were tomatoes or apples so he turns around and goes back to check. How many men would actually do that?

We went to Robert's to get his grinder (on the condition that I never bring it back to his house) and shopped for the remainder of ingredients for green tomato relish. I also got pint jars from Mom. Thanks Mom! I used all of mine and 9 of the ones you gave me as well as 5 1/2 pint jars (I grossly underestimated how much relish there would be).

There was a small crisis before we began - I couldn't find the recipe I had so lovingly typed out at Birdie's house! I distinctly remember putting it in a "safe" place when we got home. It was very safe - I couldn't find it. A quick call to Birdie - she was demoing at W-M - she would call with ingredients and then type the recipe when she got home. Of course, as soon as I called her, I found the recipe. Thanks for being willing to help Birdie! Thanks for introducing me to this yummo relish and giving me the recipe too!!

Sunday afternoon when we started, the tomatoes had already started turning red but were still firm so they were OK. I had enough tomatoes for 1 1/2 batches and didn't have enough cabbage but a quick trip to the store remedied that problem. We ground veggies until we were blue in the face then I salted them and put them in the fridge overnight.

Thank goodness I was off today. It took me about 3 hours to get the relish rinsed, drained, cooked, put in jars and sealed. The last of them are in a water bath as I type. The recipe didn't say to give them a water bath and I'm sure they didn't need it but they got one any way.

Right now, I'm waiting rather impatiently for my boiled eggs to cool and some relish to cool so I can have a delicious egg salad sandwich.

Life is good...

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