Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, mostly finished.

Jenny's wall hanging is bound. It took all afternoon and into the evening but the binding is on.

I don't like binding. I spent about six hours looking up videos and instructions, watching the videos and trying to figure things out. It is so worth paying the $20 to the quilter to bind it. That's what I'll do in the future. My time is worth way more than $3.33 an hour to do something I really don't like to do.

When she chose that fabric for the binding, I wasn't very impressed and didn't think it would look good. Boy was I wrong! I really, really like how it looks with the light binding.

I still have to sew down the bottom of the hanging sleeve but have no suitable needles and don't feel like getting back out tonight.

Next up - Rowdy's dinosaur quilt...

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Anonymous said...

congrats - it looks great, you should be very proud.
Love ya,