Saturday, June 20, 2009


I was at Wal-Mart today to get a Father's Day card.

It was not a good day to be at W-M for someone who is trying to get out of debt and has red and yellow disease (clearance).

LOTS of stuff was on clearance.

I avoided most of it.

Until I got to the fabric department.

They are getting rid of fabric and most of the crafts.

Sad, sad times we live in. That department is very important in a small town. And it's going away.

All fabric was 25% off.

Not real enticing.

All the clearance fabric was marked down to $1.00 a yard.

I got real excited about that!

I bought the remainder of the bolt for all the clearance fabrics I was even remotely interested in.

I bought some other fabrics that weren't on clearance.

I ended up with almost 83 yards of fabric.

Yes, you heard correctly, almost 83 yards.

It averaged $1.24 a yard.

There's fabric for several lap size quilts and a couple of bed size quilts plus some other stuff.

20 yards of it was tulle for Tres Dias. So it was actually only almost 63 yards of actual fabric.

That's still a lot of fabric.

I will now be making W-M a daily stop to see if they've put more fabric on clearance for $1.00.

Hopefully, I'll get some other fabrics I've had my eye on but I don't want to pay full price less 25%. If not, I'll survive.

My fabric stash is happy...

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