Thursday, June 04, 2009

Last Day of School

It's finally over! It was a long, difficult year and I'm really thankful for it to be finished. Work day tomorrow but that's OK because there aren't any kids. I have tons of things to get done but there's always just cramming stuff in cabinets or hauling it all home (have to do some of that anyway),

Right now, there's almost a whole cabinet pulled out to be organized but I'll get it done, maybe. Right now, I really don't care.

I'll be teaching Math and Science next year. In some ways, it will be easier since it won't be so many diverse things but math is kind of scary. I know it will be OK but it's going to be a lot like a first year of teaching again and I just had one of those last year and wasn't really ready for another first year. Oh well, I get to keep science, which I LOVE.

Does it surprise anyone else that I love teaching science? It shocks me to no end but there it is, I LOVE teaching science.

All through college, I thought I would be a very old fashioned teacher - desks all lines up in rows, everything quiet and very structured.

I'm almost totally the opposite.

My desks are in groups, it's almost never quiet because we do LOTS of group work. I still have to have structure and some quiet but there is lots of working together, which is never quiet.

I'm struggling with classroom management so I'm taking an online class this summer for 6 weeks and hope it helps. I'm also doing a workshop for the science curriculum I use that is supposed to address classroom management for group work. Hopefully, that will help next year.

I'm off to play with fabric to help get rid of the remainder of this lingering stress...

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