Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm so Impressed!

We went to Buc-ee's either the first or second day it was open. When the store manager asked if everything was OK, I pointed out the plastic inset on the fountain drink machine. It said:

Where Beaver's meet for a cold drink. (or something close to that)

He looked at it and said you're right - it should be a plural instead of possessive.

Yeah, of course it's plural.

He said the marketing manager would be in the store later that week and he'd talk to him about it then.

I, of course, thought that would be the end of that situation.

I was wrong.

Steven went in Monday morning for coffee and it was correct!

Of course, I had to go see it with my own two eyes. Not that I didn't trust him, I just needed to see that I had effected change.

This is not a cheap, paper sign, this is a custom plastic insert.

My question is - how did that sign get made incorrectly to begin with? This is a major chain. They are all about appearances. How many people at the many stores in this chain did not catch such a glaring error in grammar? I'm sure it's the same sign in every store.

Life is good - I spoke up and effected change. Think I'll speak up more often...

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Anonymous said...

onr can make a difference. i wonder if they took the effort to check other locations.