Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mollie's Home

Mollie got out last Monday and didn't come home. That means someone picked her up since the dogcatcher was arrested and there's no dogcatcher right now. We knew that unless she was chained up, she'd take the first opportunity to escape.

This has not been her first foray into another world. One time when she came home at 2:00 in the morning, her toenails were painted red.

This time we figured she was pretty much gone for good.

Last night when Steven got home, she was on the front porch. She'd ripped part of the screen door trying to get in.

She was skin and bones, her ribs were showing. That means that this foray into another world was not a good one.

She crawled onto her cushion, curled up into a ball and didn't move. Steven says she was despondent. She wouldn't even eat when Steven held food up to her mounth.

I called her and she wouldn't come to me. Steven brought her to me but she acted like she'd rather be anywhere else. She didn't respond when I scratched right above her tail, her favorite place to be scratched.

We were worried about her.

Rachael's home for the weekend so she slept with Rachael.

Today she seems much better and is getting back to her old self.

Hopefully she learned a lesson and will stay in the fence and quit destroying our house but I'm not holding my breath.

When will Chris have his own place?

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