Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AAA Rocks!

In less than a month, with only 2 uses, AAA has paid for itself. How awesome is that?

Steven called yesterday afternoon. He was broke down on the HOV lane in Houston. He'd called AAA and the wrecker would be there in about an hour. In about 15 minutes, he calls back to say the wrecker is already there.

I head to Houston to pick him up.

Have I ever said how much I hate driving in Houston? I'd almost rather give birth. Almost.

Come to find out, the only wreckers allowed on the HOV are wreckers contracted with the City of Houston.

It cost $143.50 for the wrecker to take him ~2 miles.


It only cost ~$63 to have the bike towed about 15 miles to Huntsville the last time he broke down.

I'm very frustrated because we paid for AAA and we've had to fork out $143.50 for towing. But, it's just money and like Steven said, the good news is that we can afford to pay it.

Actually, this is how he put it:
The good news - we can afford to pay for it
The bad news - the bike will be in the shop for 2 weeks
The worst news - it cost $143.50 to get towed

It actually works out this way:
The good news - the towing costs nothing
The bad news - I have no vehicle for 2 weeks
The worst news - we have to pay for gas for Steven's commute for 2 weeks in the truck
The good news - we won't have to do without anything to afford it

So, how does the cost of the towing go from being the worst news to being the best news?

One phone call to AAA.

One reimbursement form.

$143.50 to be reimbursed.

If you don't have AAA Premier, go get it.

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