Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When we lived in Alabama and were so broke we couldn't see straight, one of our payday treats was to take the kids to Krystal's. The itty bitty burgers were .39 ( I think) and the kids could have as many as they wanted. We'd share some fries and everyone was fed and we had a treat.

I miss Krystal's. The burgers weren't that good but there are good memories for me there.

For a very short time, there was a Krystal's in Lake Charles. We only ate there once when we went to see Jennifer and Daniel but it was great.

During all my driving around in Killeen (Fort Hood), I found a Krystal's. It was the middle of the afternoon and I wasn't really hungry but I had 2 Krystal burgers just for nostalgia's sake.

We're heading to Alabama next week to see Birdie. I hope there are still Krystal's there so Steven can have some. If not, he can have his the next time we go see Rowdy.

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