Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Heart AAA

I joined AAA when we went to Missouri. With as many miles as we have on the truck, I wanted to be safe. It cost about $210 for the 3 of us to have the Premier plan.

Our membership cards came Saturday. I glanced at the synopsis of benefits and put it aside.

Monday, out of the blue, it hit me that one of the benefits was a locksmith. It just so happens that we're in need of a locksmith. The benefit is $150. Guess how much it cost for the locksmith to come out and make a key? That's right...$150.

We are now the proud possessors of two brand spankin' new motorcycle keys for free.

AAA has almost paid for itself and we haven't even had it a month.

It took several hours for the locksmith to come out but it didn't make any difference since Steven had to work.

If only we'd had AAA before Steven had to have the bike towed a couple of months ago, it would have already paid for itself.

AAA, you're a wonderful thing! :)

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