Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fort Hood

Stephanie, Greg and Rowdy are moving to Fort Hood. Greg has to report on August 1.

They ask if I'd be willing to go with them and watch Rowdy while they search for a place to live.

Since Rowdy has been in Virginia for 6 months, what do you think I said?

Actually, I was a bit concerned since Rowdy tends to have a fit if his mom gets out of his sight or he thinks she might be about to leave his sight but what the heck, I can handle fits.

I said I'd be happy to put him in his stroller and cruise the mall while they're looking for a place to live.

Not exactly. Rowdy hates his stroller. But he likes to ride in a shopping cart.

OK, we can hit a store or two or three and let him ride in a shopping cart.

We had the best time!

Our first stop was HEB. He loved looking at all the fruit and anyone that was stocking was of great interest to him. We got bananas, watermelon, a light avocado (I'll make some guacamole with it tomorrow and report on flavor), a cantaloupe, a deli sandwich for me and some tea for me

We found a shady parking lot and ate our lunch. He was exhausted so we rode around till he fell asleep then I found a parking lot and read till he woke up.

We also hit Target, Dollar Tree and Petco. He loved looking at all the animals.

I got a great tour of Fort Hood and now know where all the important things are for when we go visit.

Stephanie and Greg found a place to live, I got to spend some time with Rowdy, he didn't have the first fit and all is well.

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