Sunday, November 05, 2006

Finally Got Scores!

I finally got my qualifier scores on Friday after 2 emails to the incompetent lady that works in the certification office.

I'd had to call her to make sure I was registered for the test. She had my last name spelled incorrectly and had my email address wrong. My handwriting is *not* that bad! She didn't correct either one when I called.

The first email she responded to said that she was having technical difficulties and would email scores on Thursday. When I emailed her Friday asking about scores again, she informed me that she had emailed them on Thursday but she would check my email. Of course, she had not fixed it after me giving it to her twice. She did get them to me then but there was no reason for all that trouble.

In order to take my real test, I have to get an invitation from the state, set up a profile and register. Hopefully she's now got my email corrected and that process can proceed without a hitch. The next test date is December 9 and I'm hoping to be able to test then. That will be 1/3 of my qualifying tests out of the way.

By the way....91/100!

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