Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I guess that my schedule doesn't seem complicated to me because it's my schedule but apparently it is complicated because DH can't seem to *get it*.

I don't have a problem with his schedule. Monday nights he unpires until 10:30. Tuesday night he has choir practice until 8:30. Wednesday night he umpires until 10:30.

I don't have a problem with my schedule. On Monday I have class from 9-12. Occasionally I have kinesiology from 8-9 on Monday. If I go to class on Wednesday morning, it's kinesiology from 8-9 but that is only occasionally. Monday night I have class from 6-9. How difficult is that?

I'll give you that at the beginning of the semester it was a tad more complicated. For 3 weeks I had class MWF from 9-12 along with everything else and then for 3 weeks I went to Bridgewood Farms on Friday from 9-12. But, that was over weeks ago and that really wasn't that difficult either.

I'm not even expecting him to know when I'm observing at the high school.

Thank goodness the semester is almost over. Spring will be really, really easy. Class in The Woodlands M-Th from 5-8. Surely he can get that right.

He's wonderful but geez, this is driving me crazy!!!

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Anonymous said...

the operative word here is "occasional".
i try to remember, however i haven't figured out how to know when "occasional" occurs.
your loving DH