Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Job!

Steven has had several good interviews this week. He interviewed with 3 firms in Houston and one in Austin. One of the firms in Houston also has an office in Austin. After much discussion, we decided that a job in Austin would be better. It's further mileage wise but driving time wouldn't be any different and he wouldn't have to deal with Houston traffic. The thought of him driving in Houston traffic every day on the bike was really stressing me out. We would also rather move that direction if we have to eventually move.

Tonight, the firm in Houston that also has an office in Austin (and several other citites) called with a job offer. It's more money and they offered a pretty decent signing bonus (he's never been offered one of those). The other firm in Austin is supposed to get with him tomorrow with an offer so we'll see who comes up with the best deal. :)

He had applied at TDC and had talked to someone there several times but no interview was ever set up. He would be working in Huntsville which would be ideal.

He had commitments to umpire the last softball games in Huntsville next week so he told the guy he couldn't start work until Thursday and that would also give TDC more time to call him for an interview even though we had pretty much given up on that.

When I was talking to him on the phone this afternoon, TDC called! He has an interview there on Monday morning. Hopefully, that will be the job he ends up with.

Even though both Austin firms are going to be flexible with his hours, being away from home so much of Rachael's senior year and my last semester of college is not going to be a good thing. We'll deal with it if that's what happens but TDC would be awesome! There will be no signing bonus there and no other bonuses but it's only 30 minutes from home and that's much more important since we really, really don't want to have to move.

He still hasn't accepted the job, he'll let the guy know after his interview with TDC but there has been a job offer. That makes me lots less stressed...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for being by my side thru all of this. It gives me a swelled head when I read some of what you've said. That's a good thing every once in awhile for my ego, I try to keep that in check. Anyway you've been a good ear to lean on to help me make the decision that's best for our family. I know it's fixin' to be just you and me, but I like you, always want to be available for the kids if when ever they need so in that sense my decision is for our family. I am very proud of where our kids are and may not ever need our help and if they don't then that just gives us more freedom.
Love Ya