Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hot Water and Showers

You never really appreciate what you have until it's gone.

Monday, Trant was at school for something and told me that the gas company was replacing our meter, there was a leak. He said it wouldn't be a problem, they would leave a note on the door , we could call and they would come turn the gas back on and light the pilots. Yeah, there is a problem. I have class an hour away, Steven is umpiring until 10:30, Rachael is not 18 and I wouldn't let her have a strange man in the house alone anyway. I ask Trant if he'll let they gas man in and take care of that for me and he assured me that was not a problem.

I get home, Rachael says Trant let the guy in and we have gas. We're good to go.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning. When Steven gets me up, he tells me to take a quick shower because there's not much hot water. What he didn't think about was that when he took his shower, the water tank filled back up with cold water and what little bit of warm water was left was long gone. So, we heat water up on the stove, pour it in the bathtub for me to take a bath and wash my hair. One small problem. The plug is not keeping the water in the tub. I get bathed quickly and go to the kitchen to finish washing my hair in the sink. Not much fun at all.

Steven said they didn't turn the gas on to the hot water heater so he calls Trant. Trant says, "Oh, I was going to come fix that for you but I forgot. There's a gas leak at the hot water heater and that's why they didn't turn the gas on."

Steven has to umpire again so he doesn't have time to do anything other than take the connection off and see that it's stripped so he'll have to fix it today. Rachael and I go to WM to get a bathtub plug so we can take a bath.

Wednesday morning. Steven has water heating up for me and I take a bath again. Have I said how much I detest baths? Steven takes the day off to fix the gas, make some contacts for interviews and find his diploma.

I get home and he is freshly showered. He rubs it in my face. Not a good thing to do since I haven't had a shower in two days. I think I told him to bite me.

We have hot water again so I'm a happy camper. I get to take a shower in the morning. :)

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Anonymous said...

boy do I know what you mean about cold showers. there have been times when I didn't have the luxury of a bath and had to shower.