Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trying to Test

So, I passed my EC-4 qualifying test 2 weeks ago. That means I can register to take the actual test.

So, I go to set up my profile and lo and behold, I already have one from my paraprofessional certification. I didn't create it, the district did.

So, many years ago when I applied for this job, I applied using the name Becky and my actual middle name. Since then, I've changed everything ( I thought) to Rebecca Maiden Last, what my driver's licsense says. It was a pain in the rear and now I'm having to constantly tell people that I'm Becky, not Rebecca but to get financial aid, my SS card had to reflect my legel name so I decided to just change everything.

I went to register for my test and in order to take the test, the name I register with has to be the exact name on my ID. I have to register with the name that's on my profile. That name is not the name that's on my ID. Registration ends 11/10. After that, it costs $30 more for late registration. That's on top of the $82 registration fee.

I sent an email to have my name changed but I'd be willing to bet that it won't be done in time for me to register by the 10th.

I'll survive but I sure don't need to have to pay $30 extra dollars to take the stupid test!

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