Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What else can go wrong?

I guess Ireally shouldn't ask that since the last time I asked it this morning, something majorily inconvenient did happen.

Some days things just don't go right. It all started last night when I called Rachael on the way home from class. She said she had to bake a cake for a silent auction today. It was 9:30 and she was at a friend's house studying. I was frustrated but we got the cake baked after a couple of minor mishaps.

It continued when Steven came home and said he was taking the truck today because the rear brakes are out on his bike. That's a major problem since there's no money to fix them and that puts us in an awful transportation mess.

Then, I couldn't sleep for thinking about all the things that will need to be cancelled on the first if Steven doesn't have a job. Things like cable and internet and land line. Then I remembered that he's just sent out lots of resumes with the sbcglobal.net e-mail address so we really don't need to cancel the internet. So, I didn't get much sleep.

This morning Steven called to say he'd left his briefcase. He was almost to Huntsville and we decided he wasn't going to come home to get it even though that was his first thought. He should have come back home because my jacket and work ID were in the truck because I was exhausted when I got home at 10:15 and just left them in the truck. I always put my ID in my purse, have no clue why I didn't yesterday. Oh yes, I do. I had the two pop-up tents for Bridgewood Farms lengthwise, on the console and couldn't put my purse in the front seat so it was in the back when I took my ID off.

The ID was not too big a deal except that I've had to start locking my desk because the custodians' sons are stealing my candy (I suspect it's them) and the key to my desk is on my ID. Not a problem except that I'm totally stressed and need my chocolate.

I had to let some of the other students present the tents to the clients at Bridgewood Farms and that was frustrating. It was my idea to donate them, I handled getting the donations, I drove to Conroe to pick them up and didn't get to present them. We wanted to present them at their Thanksgiving meal and that was today. If I had taken off today, I'd have gotten docked because it's the day before a holiday. I really couldn't afford that so that was another frustration to deal with. Steven said I probably really preferred it this way because I don't like to be in the limelight and he's probably right but it was still frustrating.

The pants I wanted to wear today because they have a pocket had something on them so I couldn't wear them. I needed the pocket today because I needed my phone available for the guy from the testing center to call me. Of course, I left my room and he called while I was gone and I didn't have my phone with me. Not a big deal, just another annoyance.

I had told Steven I needed his check card (I still don't have one but am going to *have* to get one) because the guy from the testing center was going to call and fix my profile and register me for the test without a late fee so I had to have the card. You guessed it, we forgot to do that this morning.

I left the checkbook at home. I wanted to put money on Rachael's lunch account so I didn't forget after the Thanksgiving holiday and I had to pay for the Boy Scout popcorn I'd ordered before the holidays. Rachael did bring that to me.

As you can see, nothing major (except the brakes), just one annoyance after another, all piling up on my totally stressed out self. I e-mailed Steven and asked what else could go wrong and almost immediately afterwards, Elizabeth came to tell me Rachael was on the phone. She'd locked her key in the truck and her school clothes were in the truck. All she had were her workout clothes. She wanted me to go home and get her some clothes. No problem except that I don't have a vehicle and we'd given the extra key to mother so she couldn't just run home and get a spare key. I knew we needed to have another one made but just hadn't done it.

So, Rachael, Jesse and Corley walked home (I assume) and when I finished work at 5:20, I walked home too. It didn't hurt any of us, it was just frustrating.

I'm truly glad this day has almost come to an end.

I did get registered for my exam and the really nice guy fixed my profile so I'm happy about that. Unfortunately, that didn't do a lot to relieve my stress.

Tomorrow will be better. Rachael and I are going to spend the day volunteering at Bridgewood Farms, a facility for adults with mental retardation. I love spending time with the clients at Bridgewood so tomorrow is another day.

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