Friday, November 10, 2006

Oprah's Crew in M'ville

I almost forgot about this...

Oprah's crew was in town last weekend taping a family for an upcoming show. Too bad I stayed home all weekend and didn't even know about it until Wednesday.

A single mom with 4 girls that moved to town last spring was being taped. I just met her Wednesday at the PTO luncheon. Here's the story she told...

There's a group of ladies in their 30s that have been friends from childhood. They still get together once a month without husbands, boyfriends or children. One of the friends wrote Oprah . One of the producers called and said they weren't doing a show on friends but on women in their 30s across America . They asked her to tell about all the friends and when they got to the one in M'ville, that's the one they wanted. They called, came and taped a day in their life, flew her to Chicago where she stayed in the "all suites Omni hotel".

When I find out when the show is airing, I'll be sure to let you know so you can see your hometown on Oprah. :)

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Anonymous said...

well i guess oprah is better than 60 min.
who knows when the show airs it might turn out being a "tear jerker"